Sunday, May 16

I just found a cool feature on Mozilla, the web browser I started using since getting Gmail. (Gmail doesn't work with my usual browser, Safari.)

Mozilla has a search bar in the corner like Safari, but it lets you set it do double, triple, quadruple duty. They have plug-ins, really easy to install, for, IMDB (the Internet Movie Database), Discogs (an electronic music database), and a bevy of other searchable sources of info.

Another Mozilla feature I like that I've started using lately is the cookie control. Safari only had blunt measures for controlling cookies: on, off, or only from sites you navigate to. I like how on Mozilla I can set it to ask me each time I visit a new site, but then I can make my setting, on or off, apply to that whole domain for eternity.

Is worrying about cookies, but then using Gmail hypocritical? I'll think about that some more and put a post on here about it soon.


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