Friday, May 7

I talked to Mom about Kristie--my step dad's ex-step daughter, my ex-step step sister, I guess--who lives in Salt Lake City. She lost her job at KFC and her family (her mom, grandpa, etc.) won't let her come live with them, even though she's only 18 or 19 and even though they support her older sister while she goes to school part time. Apparently she does not get along with the gramps.

So Kristie has been living with some friends in a cave. No joke. I can't imagine what kind of cave she's living in, or what kind of friends she's living with. She's kind of tough, from living on the streets in Mexico before, but she's also very naive. One time her friend talked her into letting him use her ATM card so he could get the $20 she owed him out of her bank account himself. Then he stole all the money in her account and she didn't know what to do about it. I don't know if she ever got that back. I hope she can find a new job soon.


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