Thursday, June 3

I had my last day of class today, which was a relief and also scary. I'm all on my own now...

The whole program went by so fast, but at the same time my old life seems a world apart. I can't imagine ever going back to lab life.

The program ended too soon. I thought I was going to be world famous by the end of it, but here I am, not yet famous. I'm an international man of mystery, so mysterious no one knows who I am.

We talked in class today about what we want to do from here, and I'm not sure, but I'd like to try a bunch of different things. I really dislike uncertainty in the short term--like how I haven't been able to make things final about my internship in Switzerland in the fall. But anything more than 6 months to a year away seems way too distant to bother thinking about. Assuming it all works out to go to Switzerland--and people in-the-know assure me everything will be fine--I might try to stay out there for a bit, either travelling around or writing for someone. The director of my program told me that if I'm looking for some side work to keep me going while I'm there, there's always a need for native English speakers to polish the prose of foreigners.


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