Sunday, June 6

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SANTA CRUZ - I'm at Lulu Carpenter's, a cafe downtown. It's an overly fancy, yuppified place. At least it's not Starbucks. I came here to work because it's quieter than my usual place, Caffe Pergolesi, where they play old Danzig and Soundgarden and thrash metal punk stuff I've never heard before--all really loud. Also I was already at Pergolesi today, and a change of scenery is nice.

So I came over here to Lulu's and sat down, and they have a sign attached to the brick wall next to the table that reads: "This Table IS NOT For Studying AFTER 6 PM." I can't believe they have fucking RULES about which tables you can sit at depending on what you're doing while you're sitting there. I don't think I'll come back here again--but that's an empty threat since I'm moving in two days.


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