Wednesday, July 28

My blog won a new fan today. Woo hoo! Don't be mislead by the low count on my site's counter. I just installed it and it's at zero now. I couldn't find a way to jury-rig it to read 56,432 or something equally impressive. But since you're reading this, the counter must be up to at least 1 by now. But with my newly-recognized, ever-expanding fanbase, I feel morally and physically compelled to keep posting. So get ready for some vertitable crap to go up here.

Here's a list of some streaming audio sites I like:

  • Blentwell: a site, updated daily, with links to all types of mixed music.

  • D-I-R-T-Y: mixes by famous and obscure electronic and hip-hop figures

  • Fabric: The famous London club has an associated record label that releases cds by the djs and producers that come to the club. Mostly house music, but all strains of it, and some drum'n'bass. Each of their cds is accompanied by a "radio mix" (see the lower right-hand corner of each cd's page).

  • If you have similar sites you like, by all means post a comment about them. So far, no one from my extensive fanbase has commented on any of my posts. I think either people are awed by my writing and consequently dumbstruck, or they don't want to take the time to comment--not when there's some 20-odd other posts by me to read. But please do comment. It helps remind me that despite the awards that will eventually be heaped upon me, I am writing not for the Nobel Prize committee, but for the common man and woman. Or whoever you are.


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