Wednesday, August 4

Bug Me Please--NOT!

Ever get annoyed by requests to log in to various websites, from the New York Times to Ever forget your logins? Web browsers can remember them for you, but a couple of people have organized their own way around it.

Bugmenot will provide a login and password that someone's created for any site in their database. It's easier to go to their site and type in a URL than it is to request your account info from a site and then go to your email, retrieve a message that will allow you to change your password...

Daily Kos, a blog, has also has a couple login and password pairs posted that work for most newspaper sites.

I read Wired: A Romance by Gary Wolf, an early editor on Wired magazine. He reports that in the early days of Wired magazine, when they had one of the most-visited sites online, there were massive arguments between Wired staff over whether to require visitors to log in to their site. They ended up requiring log-ins, and some felt it put a dent in their traffic. I guess the point is to collect demographic info on visitors. But how useful is this? It's supposed to make advertising space more valuable, I guess, because you can tell advertisers who your site is reaching.

Anyway, I'm going to start using these public passwords and logins.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For all you faithful Firefox fans, Bugmenot has a plugin for the browser:

Thank you Firefox!

3:45 PM  

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