Wednesday, August 25

des nouvelles articles

I have a few new pieces of writing out from the summer internship I just finished at PLoS Biology, a journal in San Francisco. You may have seen it in the news--it's full name is Public Library of Science. It's an open-access journal, which means it posts all its content online for free, as opposed to other scientific journals which charge a bundle of money, so much that some schools are telling the journals they can't afford to subscribe anymore. The debate over whether PLoS's business model is feasible and whether the other journals are charging unfair prices has been in the papers.

Anyway, here are my articles; each is a summary, written so ordinary people can understand, of a technical article. I put them in order from fascinating (I hope) to soporific (I fear).

The Case of the Noisy Neurons: How our unpredictable brains might work.

Hormones Act in Concert to Direct Plant Growth: A surprising finding about a pair of key plant hormones.

Protein Helps Orchestrate Cells' Fluid Uptake: A new-found protein ties together different mechanisms cells use for drinking in fluids.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So the next one will be in what language?

3:01 PM  
Blogger Mason Inman said...

Romansch. I'll try to keep the babble going.

4:57 PM  

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