Friday, September 24

c'est vrai!

I almost got stranded in downtown Geneva last weekend, as I told about in an earlier post. But then an apparently psychic and benevolent busdriver came to the rescue and guessed where I was going and took me off his normal route to get there. It cut my walk in half, so I only had to walk about 2 km at 4 am to get home. But as I sat on the bus on the way home, I figured he wasn't doing anything special; probably I just misunderstood the late-night bus route. I'd already done it earlier that day. Initially I thought that bus would take me all the way home when in fact it stopped short.

Well, in trying to figure out how to get to another club in Geneva, I looked again at the schedules. It's true! The busdriver was psychic, and he did go out of his way. Amazing! Now I feel much better about Geneva. It makes me want to, say, pick up garbage on the street. There's not much of it, but there's some, and I think the Swiss would really appreciate it since they seem to like to keep things clean.


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