Tuesday, September 28

will hack for work

It sounded like something from an article by Stephen Glass, the New Republic reporter who got caught making up whole stories, creating fake sources, emails and websites to cover himself. One of his last stories before he got caught was about a hacker that broke into a company's computer system, then extorted money from the company to not do it again.

It was at first seen as a ominous sign of things to come. But then people realized it simply wasn't true.

Now I've read in New Scientist (25 September) about a story that sounds like something from Glass: Sven Jaschen, and 18-year-old hacker who will soon go on trial for creating two of this year's most damaging viruses, has been offered a job at a computer security firm. It sounds just like the story in "Catch Me If You Can." And some wonder if this will encourage other hackers to do their worst to get jobs.


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