Monday, October 11

booster shot

I love reading the wacky and critical reviews of the Wired Gadget Lab, but most of the stuff they review is totally nonessential, in my book.

But here's one even I might buy: a booster for cell phone and wi-fi signals(second of three items in the list). I had crappy cell phone reception for nine months when I lived in Santa Cruz, but when I moved to SF last summer, I thought those days were over. Turns out I moved into a cell dead spot in the Mission. Maybe this thing would have spared me some confusing conversations.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boo ya!

What a great find. I thought my house, head or pockets were lead lined. Now I know it's Verizon's fault, but Radio Shack can help me.

Thank you, Radio Shack, and thank you, Mason

11:42 PM  

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