Friday, October 1

no friends?

Various plans of how to make money off music are in the air. But all these plans to stem the tide of music pirating seem to assume no one has any friends.

I gave up on music sharing programs and just plug my iPod or laptop into my friends' iPods or computers. I can get albums as fast as I can ask them whether it's good and then click on it. There's so much music out there that's good that I don't have time to dig around on websites. I just ask my friends what they have that's good. I have more music now than I have time to listen to.

If getting free music online gets harder, there's nothing to stop people from doing this kind of thing. As I said in my previous email, the only feasible solution I can think of is to make songs very cheap in online stores, to encourage people to go to the online stores first for music.

(Link from Earplug.)


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