Friday, November 5


I often find myself trying to explain America to others here. Sometimes they ask, "How could people vote for Bush?" Other times I just feel obligated, to try to put a good face on my country.

Someone asked me today if I want to go back there, in light of the election. But if everyone who disliked the state of country left, then it would definitely get worse, and that would affect the whole world.

But at least I've never been asked a question like my friend Jon has been getting in New Zealand:
Repeatedly on this trip I've been asked by fat british people why americans are so fat. This is deeply irritating. To be asked by an in shape person to speak for all of america on obesity is irritating enough, but unbearable with the added hypocracy.


Blogger Jon said...

I hear you on the ambassadorship. I think we should petition the state dept. for some kind of compensation. Personally I think we're doing a better job than our current administration.

5:34 PM  

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