Thursday, November 18

drug lords rule!

I took my life into my hands to get this photo. This bad-ass was walking the streets of Geneva with his honey, wearing a shirt with "Pablo Escobar 1949 - 1993" on the back. I didn't get a look at the front.

I took a sleath picture where I flicked out my camera and took the picture without aiming. As I snapped this photo he just started to turn around toward me. He's lucky he didn't notice or he probably would've been obligated, by his blood-brother ties to Mr. Escobar, to beat me to death with his flip-flops. Then he'd have a murder rap on his hands.


Blogger Jon said...

"Killing Pablo" is a great read if you can find it over there. Who hosts your photos? You seem to be able to do a lot more than I can with them.

9:25 PM  

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