Friday, November 12

gone fishin'

"Skull Jordan" by Jeremy Fish

Sometimes, it seems, you go halfway around the world precisely to learn about your own backyard. I wasn't expecting to discover an SF illustrator in a free hip-hop, snowboard, music mag given out at a gear shop at Saas Fee resort in Switzerland. But that's how I found Jeremy Fish, who I became an instant fan of.

A few years back when I didn't have a job and I played Tony Hawk 2 constantly, I would see skating everywhere. That rail would be killer to slide. Could you imagine ollieing

"Dudes" by Jeremy Fish
over that gap between the two roofs up there? That kind of thing.

So it brought back memories when I saw his comics from Slap Magazine where he has guys riding a ketchup bottle grinding along a hot dog and stuff like that. Kind of like God, skating can be found everywhere.


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