Tuesday, November 30

hacking for God

Never underestimate people's ability to ignore the spirit of a rule while adhering creatively to the letter. From Wired:

The Geek Guide to Kosher Machines 
Meet the hacker who makes your home appliances right with God.
...For decades, observant Jews have found ways to work around Sabbath restrictions in the kitchen. They taped down the button on the refrigerator door frame to keep the light from turning on.... They turned on an oven in advance - that way, they could warm food on the Sabbath without altering temperature settings. In recent years, however, well-intentioned appliance makers have been installing safety features that automatically shut off ovens after 12 hours.

...as appliances got more high tech - gel-pad touch controls; LED screens with temperature and burner settings; digital humidity gauges - creating a Sabbath mode became more difficult.


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