Friday, December 10

animal rights extremists worse than al qaeda

If al Qaeda wants to really hit hard, maybe they should take a page from animal rights activists and picket with grusome signs and dig up corpses:

Extremist animal rights activists pose main threat to economy
Animal rights extremists now pose one of the most serious threats to Britain’s economy because of rising intimidation of individual companies, according to a new analysis of terrorist risks.

Maritime terrorism by the al-Qaeda terrorist group, involving attacks on shipping lanes carrying containerised goods from Asia to Britain, is also perceived to pose a significant threat to this country’s economic wellbeing...

“I suppose a terrorist attack in London might cause damage worth £16 billion, but with animal rights extremism we’re talking about potentially losing £16 billion of investment every year,” [Dominic Armstrong, director of research and intelligence at Aegis and a former City banker,] said.

Link to the Times (London) article.


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