Tuesday, December 7


I just accepted an internship at Science Magazine in Cambridge, UK, so I'll be heading there in mid-January for six months. I told a couple friends at work about it, and I was smiling but mellow. One of them said, "Come on! Get excited!" I said, "I am excited. This is me excited."

But really, more than anything I feel relief. I have just over a week left of work at CERN and only now lined up my next gig. I don't like to stretch things out to the last minute that like. It'll be nice to be in one place for a while and not have to move or keep look for work again for a little while. And the cute German girl here in Geneva who I have a crush on said if I went to Cambridge, she'd come visit me. I'll have to hold her to that.

Which reminds me of that old, dumb joke: If I tell you I like your body, will you hold it against me? I'll skip trying that one out on her.


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