Monday, January 31


"They obviously didn't do any market research for this," my sister said when she brought home a tub of ice cream. The flavor: Fudge Tracks. Does that sound appetizing?

All I could think of was how a kid in junior high got the nickname Sgt. Skidmarks after someone saw his undies in the locker room and he had some kind of poo stain running down the back.

When my brother in law was scooping the Fudge Tracks for us, he said, "This ice cream is really weird. It has these chunks in it. I think it's corn." Eeewws all around. Then we started eating it and it did have chunks—but they were bits of peanut butter cup, one of the foods that make this cursed life blessed, and we proclaimed the Tracks good.


Blogger Mark said...

That is really, really funny. I've always had the same concerns about Dairy Queen's "Dilly Bars", but the "Fudge Tracks" seem much more blatant.

6:58 PM  

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