Wednesday, January 12

yeaaah-hh, oooooooohhh, i'm still...

Yes, I'm still alive. Since I have no job now, blogging has lost some of its appeal. It's no longer a form of procrastination and peasant revolt (by which I mean a way for the powerless to get back, passive-agressively at the more powerful).

But then today someone begged me to post more, unwittingly reminding me that when it comes to attention, I'm a ho. A ho that works for free. On a computer.

So here I am posting again. This time: links to MP3s of one of my favorite musicians, who goes by the name The Russian Futurists. Peter Buck of REM says, "It’s like tinker-toy Depeche Mode." You know you've been looking for music like that.

If you like these, keep your eyes peeled for his new album, out soon.



Blogger Mark said...

Thats some good stuff. Sounds kinda like Polyphonic Spree meets Postal Service. Kind of.

And I wouldn't say that I "begged you", but I do appreciate the updates. Especially when it introduces me to new, good music.

1:05 PM  

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