Wednesday, February 23

i've a gorey face

This one's stale but still edible. Think crouton.

From 23 January:

Where can you see flame dancers enact an grim Edward Gorey story including a devil swinging from the rafters, a jazz band with an Eastern European circus flavor accompanied by onstage pyrotechnics, and busty girls in Victorian dresses and corsets freaking to Nine Inch Nails? Unfortunately it's one night only each year; this year at last night's 5th annual Edwardian Ball, held at the Cat Club.

I have a perfect Edward Gorey face, my friend who invited me told me. His ex-girlfriend—an acrobat in the production who after the show was flirting with him, who danced with her legs wrapped round him and the rest of her hanging off like something out of ice capades, and who at an after-party while dancing chipped a tooth—agreed about my face. Maybe my friend was trying to make me feel better about being one of two people there wearing jeans. It was a last minute invite, and as I'm living out the trunk of my car, no Victorian costumes were close at hand. That is, I was severely underdressed. But I had fun anyway. Highly recommended. I'm all ready for next year. I've got the face, now I just need the matching wardrobe.

Here's the event's official site, with links to photos. See you there next year!


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