Sunday, February 27


For once, here's some actual serious news.

I googled Kryptonite locks to check out prices for my new lock and found out that a lot of Kryptonite locks can be opened using a ball point pen. Seriously.

Kryptonite is replacing locks for free with different models that are supposed to be resistent to the high-tech pen method.

Kryptonite's webpage for replacement locks (Link)

Watch a video on Engadget of the lock being "Bicced" (Link)

A longer article with background from Wired News (Link)

This all came to a head last fall. Why didn't I hear of this? I never heard of a rash of bike thefts, so maybe this wasn't a big problem.

The depressing thing is that some people knew about this back in 1992. Did Kryptonite know? It's hard to see how they wouldn't.


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