Sunday, March 13

as if

I've gotten addicted to downloading music and movies with BitTorrent lately, one reason I've been blogging less. (Here's an intro to The System.) As if I didn't have enough music already.

By the way, I'm going to start posting links to Bittorrent (or "torrent") files I found in the sidebar. If you're set up for this program, you just click on this and you can grab the stuff.

Now I've run across a Bittorent file for the massive indie rock fest South By Southwest (SXSW). Half the 1500 (!) bands that played the festival contributed a song to a huge bolus of music that you can download from their site. You have to take it in two swallows, so you can't pick and choose. But I've heard of almost none of the groups, so I'm going to just start downloading it and see what's good.

Wired article about SXSW.. Best part:
Several of the musicians scheduled to perform at SXSW say the BitTorrent download is great publicity.

"We think it's a great feature," said Deuce Hollingsworth, guitarist for punk band the Yuppie Pricks, whose motto is "buy low, sell high." "People can see how truly great we are compared to those 699 other losers. It's another way for us to show our dominance and supremacy."

Hollingsworth said the other bands don't do anything "except try to look cool and have stupid haircuts."

He said the Yuppie Pricks -- who, he claimed, live up to their name -- have already received good feedback from people who have listened to their free MP3, "Cherry Red," on the SXSW website.

This is the third time the band has played at SXSW. Normally, Hollingsworth said, the band members spend their time lounging with gorgeous women, hanging out at fabulous day spas and enjoying their wads of cash. Hollingsworth said he's a divorce lawyer on the side and the lead singer is an heir to a pharmaceutical fortune.


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