Friday, March 4

keep rolling

Today it snowed heavy where it stuck to the ground, a couple inches thick, so I didn't ride my bike in. Instead I nearly froze waiting for the bus and when it came I got the very last seat, toward the back, next to some girl. I couldn't see if she was cute or not. That's the first thing I noticed and then that she was reading a book by Yann Martel. I know who that is, I thought. He wrote Life of Pi, which my mom is sort of reading since my sister recommended it to her. That's something to talk to the girl about. But I didn't say anything and I waited and then it got where it would be weird if I did something because why didn't I at first? Because she's reading? Because I don't want to interrupt?

I thought that, as an exercise, each day I should do something social that I normally resist doing. I should talk to this girl right away when I first think of it. When I next find myself in this kind of situation, because I've already blown it today, both with the girl and with myself because I didn't go on the first impulse. But starting tomorrow—

But then the girl wiped at the foggy windows and there were some people outside struggling. I leaned over a bit and saw one of them was a kid all bundled up rolling something. "What are they rolling?" I said to her and she said, "It's a really massive snowball," and it was, it was about two feet high. I didn't know whether you could actually make a big snowball by rolling a small one along the ground. I'd never tried that. "It was really funny because the little girl was trying to kick to make the ball roll and her legs were just shooting out behind her," the girl next to me told me and I could see that under her beanie with a fluffy ball on top and in the middle of her furry coat hood she was really cute. "Huh," I laughed and thought now keep talking but then I kept reading and the girl did too.

But then later as the bus got closer to my stop and the girl put her book down then I finally asked her about it and even though she told me within like 15 seconds that she has a boyfriend we had a fun conversation. I still hope I see her again on the bus but I now I have a bike and I don't like paying 2 pounds 50 for the bus, which is five dollars, and I think I'll never see her again.


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