Monday, May 2


Just found out has a ton of live shows on their website. (Shout out to Matt!) Enough Grateful Dead to listen to two unique shows per week for 30 years, but not interests us not, right? But they've got Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Calexico, Soul Coughing, Ryan Adams...

Also there's Xiu Xiu, who I've never heard, but my friend Margaret saw them and said their show "was one of those shows that discredits every other show i have seen for the past few months." And Margaret has almost unfailingly impeccable taste; I first found out about a bunch of my favorite bands from her. Ratatat springs to mind.

And my friend Peter's band Whirr is even on there! Playing at my friend Leila's bar in San Francisco, Madrone Lounge! Weird.


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