Monday, August 22

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When I was in journalist school, my teachers said we reporters must shun puns. The one place reserved for them in the news is in article titles, which editors usually write. It's a high art (unlike, say, rhyming prose). So it's good to know (see below) that the art of punning is alive and kicking.

Despite increasing signs of rigor mortis, Keith Richards rolls on.
Rolling Stones Headlines Rich with Song Puns
By Phil Maggitti
BOSTON - Newspaper writers following the Rolling Stones latest world tour opened their coverage of Saturday night's kick off concert in Boston with a high-stepping, energetic selection of headlines based on the names of songs in the Stones catalog.

Readers who had any fears that age had dulled the writers' chops were reassured by headlines that prowled the linguistic stage from Boston's Globe ("Spending the Night Together") to Australia's The Age ("Stones Start It Up").

"Those boys haven't lost a step since the last world tour," said Stones drummer Charlie Watts, 64, between huge hits of oxygen backstage. "They might have a few more wrinkles than last time, but they can still rock."


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