Friday, September 30

patriot sex act

In a recent poll, most of the respondents were unhappy with the lovers in their own country. Perhaps it was just a "grass is greener" kind of phenomenon, but two-thirds of Americans said the best lovers are from another country. In Europe, there was an interesting divide where northern Europeans generally thought the best lovers were from southern Europe—and the southern Europeans agreed. The most confident were the Greeks, 77 percent of whom said Greeks are the best lovers.

On the webpage of the group who did the poll, GfR, commissioned by the Wall Street Journal Europe, has an odd way of presenting the results. They seem to have wanted to come to the conclusion that, when it comes to sex, people are loyal to their own countries, even though the poll found the opposite in most countries. Here's how they put it:
When it comes to sex, patriotism is the order of the day among men and women. 34 per cent of Europeans and 25 per cent of Americans are convinced that the best lovers can be found in their own country. Bringing up the rear are the Dutch (13 per cent), the Belgians (14 per cent) and the Germans (15 per cent). In these three countries, Italians are considered as the best lovers...

69 per cent of Italians are convinced that the best sexual partners can be found in their own country. This is topped only by the Greeks, where 77 per cent believe this. It is therefore no wonder that in comparison the Italians and Czechs were open to discussion on the subject.
I wonder how many people get that the statistics tell a different story than the words used to describe them?


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