Tuesday, September 6

sinister mousing

I got a new keyboard to plug into my laptop and an iCurve stand in an attempt at better ergonomics—it is my $70 answer to my hankering for one of the new iMacs.

But a third of the keyboard is the arrow keys and numbers off to the right and I felt lopsided. I remembered an article I read in New Scientist about a study showing people could easily learn to mouse with their left hands:
Delisle's volunteers got so used to having the mouse on the left that over the month's trial they learned to work nearly as fast as with the mouse on the right. Sixteen of the volunteers found switching so beneficial that they kept their mouse on the left after the trial.

So I started doing that on Saturday. Even without working much over the weekend, I feel like I'm already almost up to normal speed. Probably I just need a few more days.

Anyone else a righty who's a switch-hitter mouser?


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