Wednesday, October 19

giant squid vs. full nelson

Last month Japanese researchers caught the elusive giant squid on film for—supposedly—the first time. The images showed how vicious a predator the squid is: it's "like a python striking a rat,” one squidologist told New Scientist magazine.

But now I have found an earlier, much clearer film called "Calamari Wrestler" that shows the vicious giant squid in action.

The NY Times reports on the film:
When Koji Taguchi... wins a championship wrestling match, his delight is cut short by the intervention of a giant squid..., whose slithering tentacle swipes the Championship Belt. The remaining nine appendages proceed to whip Mr. Taguchi into stunned submission as hysterical announcers explain why his signature reverse-inverted full nelson is useless against slippery cephalopods.


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