Friday, October 21

graffiti maps

A couple weeks ago I had an idea to start attaching all my graffiti pictures to a Google map so people could click around and see where the pics were from. I've been too busy to get started on it, and now I just found out that a couple weeks ago, someone else put together the same kind of thing—but better because it's collaborative and worldwide.

Check out Street Art Maps: the map itself, or the Flickr page.

(via Google Maps Mania blog)

UPDATE: Proof of synchronicity: Another person at the same idea at about the same time. See Eskimoblood's map Both of these maps link to photos on Flickr that are appropriately tagged. See Street Art Maps' directions on tagging the photos (note: the map has new rules, and you don't have to post to the group to get your photo linked to the map).

And for the record, I would have called mine Goofiti Map.


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