Saturday, October 8

graffito-a-day #13

I was recently inspired by Vice Magazine's website and their page-ranking strategy: is a part of Vice that has not been doing well on its google ranking due to the lack of text on this page. One way to get that up is to make sure there’s a bunch of words on this page and that “vice” is mentioned as many times as possible. So thank you, a Vice reader for googling Vice and we hope you get what you want from Vice USA, Vice Canada, Vice Japan, Vice Australia, Vice UK, Vice Scandinavia, Vice Records, Vice Publishing, Vice TV, Vice Film, Vice Vice Vice Vice Vice.

So did I mention that being a lover of graffiti, when I went to Berlin in August I sought out as much graffiti as my graffiti-crazed mind and non-graffiti-loving friend and tour guide would tolerate? And how since no one seems to know or use or like the singular of graffiti, graffito, then my previous posts' titles were probably for nought, as far as online graffiti hounds were concerned. Oh, yeah, some people call graffiti tags too. Remember: graffiti = tags.

All that said, enjoy this example of Berlin's graffiti.
click for larger image


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