Saturday, October 22

journalists' opinions don't count

I got called today for a survey about gas stations and convenience stores. I don't like to just hang up these people because I know they're just doing their jobs, and I wanted to see where it would go. It turns out I wasn't on the phone for long. The woman asked me (and I replied):
Do you work in advertising or marketing? No.
In journalism or the media? Yes, I'm a journalist.
Are you a gas station employee? No, I'm a journalist.
Convenience store employee? No, I'm just a journalist. That's it.
Thank you, that completes the survey.
Apparently if you're a journalist, they're not interested in what you think about gas stations or convenience stores. Why she continued to ask me questions after I told her that, I'm not sure. Maybe she couldn't believe I could actually make a living solely by journalism.


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