Wednesday, October 19

my attention runneth over

I get headaches and eye strain that I believe have their undelying cause in a disease called ASD, or attention surplus disorder. As long as I can keep myself stimulated by jumping from web site to site, I stay glued to the computer until I pass out.

OK, I'm exaggerating a bit, but some people apparently have such serious internet addictions that they need professional help. The BBC reports on China's first internet clinic (or, rather, anti-internet clinic). One patient says:
I couldn't control my addiction. Friends were also telling me that I was on the net too long, but I thought: "It's my life, I can do what I want." I became a real loner, was withdrawn, and wouldn't listen to anyone.
I'm pinning my hopes and dreams of dealing with this demon on a little freeware program I downloaded yesterday called Time Out!. It periodically breaks your computer: I have it set so every 10 minutes it takes a 15 second mini-break, dimming the screen and disabling me from doing any work. Each hour it goes down for a full-fledged 10 minute intermission, enough time for coffee, cigarettes, or your other vice of choice—second to the computer, of course.


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