Tuesday, November 22

American fraud in Iraq

From yesterday's New York Times:
A North Carolina man who was charged yesterday with accepting kickbacks and bribes as a comptroller and financial officer for the American occupation authority in Iraq was hired despite having served prison time for felony fraud in the 1990's.

He allegedly took hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes, money that was intended to help rebuild Iraq. The kicker, although not the biggest deal, is:
The affidavit yesterday alleges that on Jan. 22, 2004, Mr. Stein transferred $200 of money obtained through bribes to the clerk of United States District Court in North Carolina's Eastern District.

The payment, the affidavit explains, was an installment on the restitution payment that Mr. Stein had been ordered to pay on his earlier felony conviction.
From a NYT article the day before: "This is the first case, but it won't be the last," said Jim Mitchell, a spokesman for the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, an independent office.


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