Tuesday, November 1

message from god: i ♥ math?

Some people, disturbingly, think Hurricane Katrina was sent by God to clean up New Orleans, such as Representative Richard Baker (R-La.). I didn't hear of similar claims for Hurricane Wilma, maybe because it wasn't as strong, and so could be explained by merely natural phenomena. But perhaps there was more to Wilma than most realized.

Momentarily, at least, radar images showed a number 2 in the eye of the storm. Of course, with random fluctuations you can get all kinds of stuff seeming to appear from nowhere, from Jesus in a tree to The Flying Spaghetti Monster on your dinner plate. But still it's surprising to me how clear the number is in this image.

Perhaps God, if he exists, wanted to send a positive sign with Wilma. Is he not only a geometer, as some ancient Greeks thought, but a lover of arithmetic too? Maybe it's a sign that American need to teach math better so we can keep up with the rest of the world.

Link (via Museum of Hoaxes)


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