Tuesday, January 10

atheist biologist reams religious figures on TV

The Root of All Evil, evolutionary biologist and outspoken atheist Richard Dawkin's new TV show in which he grills all sorts of religious figures, is now on BBC4. From their website:
Dawkins thinks it is time for science to stop sitting on the fence. In the light of overwhelming scientific evidence that, he believes, shows a supreme being cannot exist, and in a world in which religious conflict and bigotry are increasingly centre stage, Dawkins argues that for the good of humanity, religion needs to be challenged and disproved. Never one to shy away from a debate, Dawkins meets leaders from the Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions to find out how their beliefs fit with modern science's extraordinary knowledge of our world and the wider universe.

If you're so inclined—especially if you're outside the UK—you can download part 1 of the show via bittorrent. (Link to the torrent file on mininova.org.)

Read more about it on Pharyngula


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