Saturday, January 28

newsflash: hangovers make you feel like ass! has a new column, taking a snarky look at scientific research that seems like it's pointless. Think Darwin Awards. But the columnist, who goes by Sybil, finds out why the seemingly obvious—like the fact that hangovers make you feel like ass—is being investigated.

She also turns her wit on a study of networks, recently published in Science:
They spent three years or so building and running fiendish computer algorithms that could analyse who had e-mailed whom and how often.

The stunning conclusion? Two people are more likely to strike up a relationship if they go to the same college class or have a friend in common.

Brilliant, I think. Genius. It took years sorting though countless messages to work that out? There must be more to this than meets the eye: I pick up the phone to find out.
Read more on the network study here.


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