Sunday, January 29

tracking wells tower

I've been trying to track down more stuff by author Wells Tower, who wrote a weird and amazing short story called "Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned," about a Viking reluctant to marauder. Apparently it was in Fence, but I read it in The Anchor Book of New American Short Stories, a great volume edited by Ben Marcus, who is insane and should never be trusted.

Mr. Wells Tower doesn't seem to have much out there yet. Here's what I've found:
  • From The Believer, two reviews that will delight DIY enthusiasts: "Light: The Sky Kind" and "Tool: Stanley Tools Magnetic Wall Stud Finder 47-400." Link

  • From the Washington Post: "The Deep End: At 13, George Romero is beginning to navigate a world of romance, danger and possibility. The Wheaton-Glenmont Pool is a good place to start." (Study the photo above to see an example of Mr. Romero's method.) Link (registration required; you can easily get a password from

  • From The Paris Review: "Wells Tower tells the story of a dilapidated cinderblock house in “The Brown Coast,” but the story is so intertwined with the architecture that I don’t want to give it away," says the mostly unhelpful reviewer at Powell's. Let's hope her reluctance to give anything away means the story is freakishly awesome. Link to the Powell's review

  • In the March 2005 Harper's: "Letter from Orlando: Bird-Dogging the Bush Vote: Undercover with Florida's Republican shock troops. Link to the Harper's table of contents, if you like lists that lead nowhere

  • On (huh?): "The Magic Kingdom," on voodoo in pre-flood New Orleans. Link


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