Friday, February 3

maker of animatronic jesus-in-space robots

A guy named Joe who builds animatronic robots for churches got interviewed by a member of the band Negativland in Stay Free Magazine. Highlights include:
  • On the future of religion: "We do Bible stories, and there's a Jesus-in-space theme, which is basically the idea that this religion will endure into the Jetson age. That's a pretty popular theme, actually; it's not about the Apocalyptic side of the religion."

  • On digits: "Jesus with four fingers instead of five! That's another really striking thing about the company: every Bible character that we do has four fingers on each hand instead of five."

  • On the business model: "... the competitiveness between churches is pretty incredible. We'll do a church in, say, Plano, Texas. The next thing you know, we've got a contract for another church in Plano, right down the road! That's how this business has been built."

  • On hairstyles: "In Texas we made two archangels guarding the church entrance with huge swords, and they had the best mullets. Any angel or archangel that this company makes, the hairstyle is the mullet."


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