Tuesday, February 14

ringfo/amabuddy: book prices by phone

Ringfo (the service formerly known as Amabuddy) lets you dial a number, enter an ISBN number on a book or CD, and quickly check the prices on Amazon—including list, new, and best used prices. And it's free to use.

I tested it out and it's easy to use and fast. The computerized voice that talks to you is fairly easy to understand. (It sounds like the voice "Victoria" on a Mac.)

If my cell phone plan didn't charge me up the butt to use the web, I would maybe check that way when I'm at the bookstore. But Ringfo, while simple, returns the most useful information to me, and might be easier to use than browsing through my phone.

Over at Ringfo's FAQ, they have a little back-and-forth about whether the service might hurt small independent bookshops by funneling sales to Amazon. But as they argue there, it could also benefit the small shops.

Check out Ringfo.


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