Tuesday, March 28

Nintendo makes you smarter

Nintendo has a new series of games aimed at testing players' intelligence and pushing them to become smarter. If this sounds far-fetched, think about it a bit more (as Wired.com reporter Clive Thompson did):
of course, the very fact that we still ruminate on whether games make you smarter or dumber is a symptom of how games are still coming of age in our mediasphere. Nobody sits around debating whether the act of reading stimulates your mind, after all.
Some of the games are based on classic psychology tests, such as Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices, which measures visual perception, and the Stroop test, which tests your ability to cope with dissonance between words and colors (for example, reporting the meaning of the word "blue," printed in, say, red). And then, there's the requisite Sudoku.

Check it out here.


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