Thursday, April 20

Antarctica's hidden rivers

I've got a new article on National Geographic News, this one about Antarctica's subglacial lakes:
Under-Ice Lakes in Antarctica Linked by Buried Channels

Buried under Antarctica's miles-thick ice sheet, more than a hundred lakes are dotted around the continent. Now, for the first time, scientists are connecting the dots.

A new study found that natural "plumbing" can form under the ice, linking under-ice lakes that are hundreds of miles apart. These channels may allow water to gush suddenly from one lake to another.... (read more)
These subglacial lakes, oddly, seem to be becoming my only specialty within science writing. I've written before about the plans to tap into Lake Vostok and the discovery of two new, large subglacial lakes (that one's not so interesting).

Other coverage of the new finding: BBC: "Secret rivers found in Antarctic", and the Daily Telegraph: "Cold war over lost world of Lake Vostok". (I'm still working on coming up with titles as catchy as the Telegraph's.)


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