Sunday, May 21

scientific spam

Since when did spam advertise top science labs? I just got a spam email directing me to the Marine Biology Lab in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

Here's the letter, with my comments:
Subject: Check out MBL :: Inside the MBL :: Media Info :: Meetings, Seminars, Events

Hi I, checked this but discovered that it was pure magic that we shared such a special lecture - and lecturer. [I never knew anyone named Val in college.] These seem beyond me [huh?], so will not influence my calendar for Woods Hole. Fun to start contemplating, though your dad's situation may make it remote right now. [Well, my dad died years ago, so he is quite remote.] No need to get back to me. Just letting you know my sights are set on getting up there.
Bye for now. Love, Val

Click here: MBL :: Inside the MBL :: Media Info :: Meetings, Seminars, Events
Who would have started this? Is it just a coincidence that I'm a science journalist, and that I'm moving to Massachusetts in a month?

The bit bringing up my dad reminds me of the time I got a call from a telemarketer selling newspaper subscriptions. When I said I wasn't interested, he said, "Father's Day is coming up soon. What about Dad? Just forget about him?" I said, "My dad passed away." He said, "Oh, sorry," and got off the phone quick.


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