Saturday, June 3

oh, to be a bird... or a birdman

My girlfriend, Ms. Sarah Bird, and I joke about how if we get married, we'll combine our last names to become the Birdmans. (OK, I know it might not be that funny to anyone but us.)

So Sarah wanted to register a personal Web site with some variation on Birdman. was taken, with just a placeholder page., is occupied too, with a snapshot of a parrot drinking from a fountain, and notices of military-grade weapons and armor for sale (but no links with with to actually buy them).

Then she pins her hopes on, but there's a full-fledged Web site there, for a company selling sky diving suited outfitted with webbing between the arms and body (like on the original Spiderman) and between the legs (which is, for reason I'm not sure I want to put my finger on, really creepy). The suits look more inspired more by flying squirrels, but I don't suppose "SquirrelMan" brand suits would fly off the shelves.

But we could just co-op the Birdman brand by getting married while skydiving, wearing Birdman suits. If it all works out, I'm going to go for the shiny silver space-age model, modeled here by this pin up, the January 2006 BirdBoy.


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