Thursday, June 29

radioactive scorpion venom a safe cancer cure

Radioactive scorpion venom could work as a unusual new cancer therapy. The venom homes in on specific brain cells, called glioma cells, which gives it its deadly kick. But by attaching a radioactive payload of iodine atoms to the venom molecules, researchers found they could kill the cancerous brain cells. So far, the therapy has been applied to one type of cancer, high-grade brain glioma, which is aggressive, often fatal, and resists traditional therapies. So far the radioactive scorpion venom therapy has proven safe in initial, phase II clinical studies.

Read more about it here.

Note: The origami scorpion in the photo doesn't produce the right kind of venom for this therapy. Its venom is unsafe since it gives the brain paper cuts. Read more about this scorpion in this LA Weekly article.


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