Thursday, July 6

Engrish in Ghana

It's not just Japan that has Engrish, unintentionally twisted English that comes out hilarious. A friend of a friend, Chris Wilson, spent a few months recently in Ghana and took a lot of cool photos, many of weird signs there.

Here are some of my favorites:

"Talents Resoration Academy"

Chris says: "If your talent is tarnished or missing, don't worry, we'll restore it as good as new. Just don't die with it! Look at this guy, he dropped his talent and he's still searching for it. Come to us if you don't want to be like him."

The Global Crossfire Mission (their mottos: "Crossfire!!! You haven't seen anything yet. Crossfire!!! We perfect the saints.)

"It is a Long Story Auto Shop"

Chris says: "WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY CAR??!! Well, it's a long story..."

For all their religiousness, they don't make offerings to God.

Mantle of Grace Prayer Centre: "Pray Until Something Happens"—they don't say what, but keep it up.


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