Saturday, August 12

drinks make you want to smoke, smokes make you want to drink...

If you ever wondered why smoking and drinking go so deliciously sinfully together, read on.

Smoking cigarettes lowers the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream, a new study finds, which probably encourages you to drink more, or at least helps you stay out longer. Appararently the cigarettes somehow trap the alcohol in your stomach for longer than usual, where your digestive juices break it down, the researchers say. But many of these chemicals made from breaking down alcohol are what give you a hangover, so cigarettes won't help you the next day.

On the flip side, drinking encourages smoking. It's not just that drinking lowers your inhibitions, so thoughts of lung cancer and hacking coughs recede and cigarettes sound good. Also, earlier studies have shown that alcohol makes smoking cigarettes more pleasurable. So round and round it goes, like a serpent smoking its own tail and drinking its own... um, that's it. Just smoking it own tail.

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