Thursday, August 24

pluto talks back

While I was reporting on Pluto getting demoted from planethood, I thought it would be funny to imagine what Pluto must feel like.

Now I have to wonder no more: Pluto has responded, in the Baltimore Sun.
Pluto responds: 'Planets have feelings, too'
By Pluto

OUTER BELT OF SOLAR SYSTEM— What did I do to deserve this?

There I was, minding my own business, orbiting the Sun just like all the others. I got my little bit of atmosphere going, got a lot of ice. I was cool. I stayed out of everybody else's way, sometimes way out.

Then some eggheads on that uppity third rock -- they think they're so hot because they have "life" -- went and decided I'm not a planet anymore. What's up with that? My life is hard enough as it is.

First of all, it takes forever for me to do a lap around the Sun, and it gets really lonely out here. They tell me that part of the reason I'm not a planet anymore is that some of the time I sneak inside my buddy Neptune's orbit. What do they expect? I need somebody to talk to out here sometimes. And don't get me started about that mass of junk they call Charon that is supposedly my partner in non-planethood; Charon is dead to me....
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