Wednesday, October 4

Fox transformed disgraced Republican into Democrat

This is unbelievable! Fox News identified disgraced Republican congressman Robert Foley as a Democrat on several occasions. They even had the caption "Did Dems ignore Foley emails to preserve seat?"

See the screen shots on Boing Boing.

In another news story on the scandal, Representative Ray LaHood (R-IL—yes, really a Republican), said that the houses of government aren't safe for the young.
It's not the speaker who should go, LaHood said, but the "antiquated" page system that brings 15- and 16-year-olds to the Capitol and has resulted in scandals in the past.

"Some members betray their trust by taking advantage of them. We should not subject young men and women to this kind of activity, this kind of vulnerability," LaHood said in a CNN interview.
So apparently our representatives simply can't help themselves, and aren't safe for young adults, let alone young children, to be around. So much for family values.

All that said, I think that there are far worse things going on in our government than the Foley thing, yet people don't get too worked up over it.


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