Tuesday, January 9

Lilja 4-ever

I just watched Lukas Moodysson's movie "Lilja 4-ever"...


... about a young girl in one of the former Soviet republics who gets sold into prostitution in Sweden. When she finally escapes from her pimp at the end of the movie, I knew from the foreshadowing at the beginning that she was going to try to kill herself.

It would hopelessly depressing if she did it and, cut, that's the end of the movie, and I hoped that's not what would happen. I was pleased, sort of, when after she jumped from an overpass onto a freeway, the movie played on, with Lilya fooling around with her friend, who'd killed himself and who had come back before to look over her as a guardian angel. Now they both had wings and smiles.

That ending made me feel much better, and made the movie somehow more complete. I could feel that idea, that everything is going to be OK after you're dead, grabbing at my heart with little cloying claws—even though I don't believe at all in God, heaven, and the fairy tale kind of version of religion where you get to eat sundaes or play basketball or do whatever happy things you want to do forever and ever in heaven.

And I'm guessing Moodysson doesn't believe in all that either. So what was this ending all about?


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