Sunday, January 7

writer's block insurance

I'm reading The Midnight Disease, largely about the neurobiology of writing and the various kinds of disorders related to writing, everything from extreme writer's block and aphasia (inability to understand words) to hypergraphia (written verbal diarrhea).

The author, who is a neurologist, had hypergraphia herself, and then after giving birth went through a depressive state with total writer's block. Let's hope my mercurial moods don't wind up giving me block. But in case they might, maybe I should get writer's insurance (see below for a New Yorker cartoon by Roz Chast; click pic to see bigger version). I also read in the New Yorker about Mongolian goat herders' insurance, so in case of drought or whatever and their herd falters, they're all set. If they can get that, why can't I get writer's insurance?


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